man with bearBear Hunting

Northwest Ontario is home to some monster black bears, and Cobb Bay Lodge knows how to put you on them! Each year our hunters achieve over a 90% success rate on trophy black bears in Wildlife Management Area 15A with some bears in excess of 300 pounds being taken each fall. Our bear packages include a boat, motor, and gas in the event that a bear is taken early on in the week or the hunter chooses to fish in the mornings and hunt in the afternoons. This package also includes an established, pre-baited stand, bear hunting license, export tag, conservation fishing license, and taxes. All stands are pre-hung, and baits are already set out before you arrive in camp. Bringing your own ATV allows for more flexibility on the part of the hunter, allowing him to come and go to his/her stand as he/she pleases. In the event an ATV is not brought, Jamie will move the hunters to and from the stands. Please review the black bear hunting regulations beginning on page 78 of the 2019 Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary


small game

Grouse Hunting/Fishing Combo

Enjoy a week away from home with one of our affordable combo hunts for grouse and small game as well as some fishing mixed in. These combo hunts are available from Mid-September through Mid-December and include your cabin, boat, motor, gas, and some great fall Ontario fishing and hunting opportunities. We are located in Wildlife Management Area 15A and the small game regulations can be found beginning on page 86 in the 2019 Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary

For information on importing a firearm into Canada please read here.