Great Fishing Awaits you on Sturgeon Lake…

If you’ve never fished Sturgeon Lake in Northwest Ontario, you are in for a treat! This is a plentiful lake with a large range of species every fisherman will enjoy! Cobb Bay Lodge offers excellent fishing opportunities for monster lake trout, northern pike, and everyone’s favourite, the tasty walleye.

Our fishing packages provide you with a 16 foot Lund boat and 15 or 20 hp Yamaha motor. All boats come equipped with swivel seats, life jackets, landing net, minnow bucket, paddle, and required safety kit. We will top your gas tank off each morning to allow for a full day of fishing. Fishing and hunting licenses, live bait, gas, ice, souvenirs, and fish freezing service are also available to fulfill your needs without having to leave camp.

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You could spend your entire vacation going after monster Lake Trout, and never get bored! Plus you may pull in the occasional trophy to brag to your friends back home about. Monster lake trout over 20 pounds are not uncommon in Sturgeon Lake, so make sure you’re prepared to reel in a monster laker if you get one on! The Northern Pike fishing in Sturgeon Lake is also second to none. Each year Cobb Bay anglers land a multitude of Northerns in excess of 40 inches, so bring a big landing net!

Walleye are an angler’s favorite because of their delicate taste and they’re perfect for shore lunch! Northwest Ontario is well known for its excellent walleye fishing, and Sturgeon Lake is no exception. A variety of structure within the lake makes for some fast paced and exciting walleye fishing opportunities.

Cobb Bay also offers fishing on many fabulous remote lakes in the area. While these lakes may involve a bit of adventure via truck, ATV, or portage, these seldom fished lakes offer incredible fishing opportunities for those with a more adventurous spirit.

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Fishing Tips

Here's how to fish the waters of Sturgeon Lake...

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A minnow with and 1/8 or 1/4 oz. jig are the most common lure used for walleye in our area. The best way to work a jig depends on the time of year that you’re fishing. Walleyes are slow and sluggish in cold water. If this is the case, use a slow presentation with a few short gentle taps while retrieving the bait. In the warmer waters of the summer, the fish become increasingly aggressive, thus calling for a faster retrieve. When jigging, cast it out and let it sink to the bottom, then retrieve at various speeds depending on the time of the year. Don’t forget to keep your line fairly taut as your jig sinks back to the bottom. It’s very common for Walleyes to hit while the jig is sinking. It’s important to try to use a fast action, sensitive rod so you can feel even the lightest taps, the key to catching .

Northern Pike

Pike come in many sizes including trophy sized fish that can put up an incredible fight. While difficult to fillet, if you know the proper technique you can produce a relatively boneless filet that tastes amazing. (If you need a lesson contact Jamie.) You don’t need the most expensive equipment to catch some nice pike and this makes them the most desirable game fish for both experienced and novice anglers alike. Early season tends to be a great time to land some huge pike with a bobber and ciscoe, but of course these fish can still be found all year. Pike are quite aggressive and will attack anything in sight, making them easy targets. Look for them in waters of 2-15 feet, and close to or in weed beds. Pike move quickly so you can land them when trolling at a slightly faster speed than with other species. When fishing in weed beds and shallow areas, try using floating crank baits and spinners that are just above the weed beds. If possible always try to use a weedless lure such as a floating jointed Rapala.

Lake Trout

The most popular methods of catching Lake Trout are controlled-depth fishing using downriggers or trolling with wire line and planer boards and during the summer months it’s vertical jigging using a four-inch white tube jig, or blue Sonar. During the early summer lake trout concentrate in and around well-defined locations such as long, protruding underwater points, sunken shoals and large isolated rock piles. By jigging deep near the bottom you’ll have a good opportunity to catch some of these fish in Sturgeon Lake. As summer progresses the Lake Trout move up higher in the water due to the depletion of oxygen in the deeper waters. So if you’re in 80 feet of water, you’ll want to jig in waters that are 35-45 feet deep. This area of the water is known as the thermocline, a plankton-rich area where you’ll find baitfish and the lake trout that are chasing them.

Our late model boats get you where you want to go...

We are pleased to offer you top quality equipment for your fishing pleasure while vacationing with us. Our boat packages include a 16 foot Lund boat with swivel seats, 15 or 20 hp Yamaha motor, landing net, minnow bucket, paddle, and safety kit. Upgrade your package to a 16’ 2019 Lund Fury XL with flat floor, live well, Helix 7 depth finder, cushion backed pedestal seats, and 50 hp motor. Guests are responsible for any damage to equipment or property. Please see our Rates Page for current pricing.

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There's some big fish hiding under that layer of ice...

The beauty of winter adds a whole new dimension to the north woods. We have lodge accommodations, as well as one winterized cabin available for winter getaways or ice fishing vacations. Travel 5 to 30 miles per day depending on the species and experience you choose. Brave the cold, bring your snowmobile, and catch a winter shore lunch. Our resident guide is always looking for some ice fishing buddies! Please see our Rates Page for current pricing.

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