Our History

Cobb Bay Lodge is owned by Jamie and Sheri Fassett.

“Both of us were born and raised in Illinois. Jamie grew up in an outdoor loving family that travelled to Canada often, exposing Jamie to two of his favorite hobbies, fishing and hunting. From the age of six he developed a love of the pristine land in Northwestern Ontario and always dreamed of living and working here. Meeting and marrying me put a little damper on that! Building our own homes and bringing three little boys into the world kept us busy for our first ten years of marriage. During this time Jamie continued his ‘guy trips’ to Ontario twice a year to fish in the spring and hunt in the fall. In our tenth year of marriage I joined Jamie’s ‘guy trip’ for a little fishing and adult time away from our three little ones. On the way home he suggested, “Let’s just sell everything we own, buy a fishing camp, and move to Canada.” (This suggestion had arisen many times before and ended with my response of “over my dead body!” We were comfortable, secure, and surrounded by family in Illinios.)

This time, something in me had changed. He was working so very much to keep me at home with the kids, and we really missed him. I wanted a more united family. Thus, I replied, “I’ll think about it!” After nearly crashing the truck and trailer into the ditch, some internet research, a very quick trip to look at camps for sale in Northwestern Ontario, and 5 weeks of determinedness, we purchased Cobb Bay Lodge, a little “diamond in the rough,” as quoted by an Ignace local. To the best of our knowledge the camp was established in 1962, had been recently updated, and just “felt right” to me. Eighteen years later, here we are, following Jamie’s dream of living in Ontario, sharing his (now our) love of this beautiful land and its resources, and continuing to grow our own little Cobb Bay family of guests. We are living our happily ever after!”


cabins lakefront night

cabins lakefront 2