Family Fun

Cobb Bay Lodge is the place for family fun! We know how precious your vacation time is to you, and how precious your family is. Here at Cobb Bay you can have it all! It’s not just all about fishing. It’s about down time and relaxation. It’s about playing cards or board games in the evening after a day out on the water, about sitting around a campfire making smores, and spending lazy afternoons floating on rafts at the camp docks. Have a wee bit more energy? Try tooling around on our paddleboats, canoes, or kayaks. Play some sand volleyball or shoot hoops in camp, go on an ATV ride down logging trails or a hike up the drive. The “unplugged” options are endless! (Ssssssh! We DO have wifi available around the lodge, but the kiddos don’t have to know that!)

During those hot summer months a trip to Sturgeon Lake’s “famous” Fisherman’s Island Beach is a great afternoon adventure–swimming and shore lunch on the beach and trout fishing around the corner! Pick blueberries in mid-July through August and whip up a batch of blueberry pancakes. Morel and chanterelle mushrooms are harvestable locally and make a wonderful side to your freshly grilled steaks!

Our weekly fish fry nights during our summer months allow guests to meet, mingle, and share fishing stories. Wednesday nights have guests sharing a dish to pass, providing their drinks, and sharing a meal at the lodge. It has been know that mini Cobb Bay families have been formed among a week’s guests. With most guests rebooking their reservations at check out, it is almost certain to see the same people year after year. You may even start meeting up back home!

Cobb Bay Lodge IS all about family, as this is where our three young boys spent their childhood experiencing the wilderness of northwestern Ontario in all its glory. Isn’t it time to reconnect with your family and become part of ours at the same time?

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